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It's Not Who You Know, It's Who You Meet

In Ireland a few hundred years ago, feudal lords ruled the land. The lay people did not interact with lords. People could exist their whole lives and never meet, or for that matter, see their reigning lord, unless you were a bard.

Bards had the luxury of being exempt from many of the laws of the land. Why? Bards traveled extensively. They met countless people, and they kept communities informed on what was happening in other communities. They relayed the news, and were supreme networkers!

That's why I've been signing up with more and more organizations around town. Last night, I went to the Austin Celtic Association meeting despite the fact I had taxes waiting at home. I sat around, shifted, stood up, and listened, wondering if there was any point in me being there. Finally, the meeting came to an end and the networking began.

It turned out to be a very profitable meeting. First, let me tell you, I am not a talker. I'm a major introvert. I leave the talking to Andrew, my fellow bard. But by the end of the evening, I had one gig scheduled as a fill-in for another band next weekend; next month, we are scheduled to open the ACA meeting; in June, we will headline a third festival; and, to top it off, I got the contact names and numbers for three local venues that I have had a difficult time reaching.

You see, networking is essential for any business, and it's really not that tough. There are plenty of oranizations in any town. Join a couple. Have your bandmates join a couple. Attend a meeting on occasion, and do your best to remember names. (ugh! write down notes about people after you meet them it helps) Then keep your ears open for opportunities. Listen to what people are saying and occassionally volunteer for something, and you will develop the loyalty and support of that organization. And that is invaluable. For then, the sky is the limit. What benefits them will benefit you, and vice versa.

Now back to you. What kind of organizations are there in your area? How about a local Indie group? A musicians union? Songwriters' association?

It doesn't all have to be music-related. Do you play sports? Do you like to paint? Write? Make pottery? How are those AA meetings coming along? Any group will do. Just align it with your interests and start meeting people. Get business cards. Hand out business cards. Sometimes, the non-music organizations are more valuable than the music ones. Best of all, you never know where your local lords and ladies will turn up.


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