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Riding the Waves of Another's Success

Even better than just endorsing other companies is trading endorsements. There are several advantages to it. For you, your endorsee would promote you to their clients, and your name would be linked to a successful business. For them, you are a travelling billboard. You cover a lot of territory that those businesses might not have the opportunity or means to market to.

But what happens when no company wants to endorse you? Well, your endorsee would no longer promote you to their clients. BUT, your name could still be linked to that successful business.

This is guerrilla marketing at it's finest. Find a company you like. We'll use Coca-Cola as an example. Promote Coke on your fliers and business cards. Tell your fans your favorite drink is Coca-Cola. Drink it at gigs. Give away free Cokes at parties. Whether Coca-Cola sponsors you or not your fans and the public will link your name with guess who ...Coca-Cola. Whenever someone drinks a coke, they'll think of you. Is that powerful marketing or what?

I had a friend who drank Dr. Pepper ALL THE TIME. And to this day, I still think of him when I drink Dr. Pepper. (He doesn't even touch it anymore).

Now a quick warning before you start adding the Microsoft logo underneath your band name. Logos are copyrighted. "Coke is it" is probably trademarked. This means that you can't outright put these logos and marketing slogons on your flyers. That's why I would suggest either stick with endorsing local companies, or be subtle. You really don't want an expensive lawsuit...(although that is one way to generate lots of publicity;)

If you're lucky, your endorsee will take notice and reciprocate the endorsement. Then you'll have the best of both worlds.


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