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Don’t Lose Your Domain Name!

That always shocks me. I was composing the shownotes for my Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, checking URLs. One of the bands in this week’s show had a domain that was no longer functional. It expired two months ago and was about to be released to the public. Fortunately, I knew her and gave her a call.

She had no idea the domain was ending, but since her band broke up she didn’t think it worthwhile to keep the domain running. As she said, “Well, I have the CDBaby page, and a lot of folks are using myspace URLs.

“Tis true, tis true. But for everyone who lived through the heyday of MP3.com, you should know never to trust an external domain for your promotion. Myspace.com is a great site. But will it be around in five years? Who knows?

Personally, I put no faith in that. I promote TheBards.net, MarcGunn.com, BardsCrier.com or whatever website I’m promoting. Myspace, SoundClick, even CDBaby are temporary. They could poof disappear any day, God forbid.

Fortunately, you can get domains these days for just $8.99 through sites like GoDaddy.com. Or if you’re in my friend’s predicament, you can Backorder the site for just $18.99, which means, once the domain becomes free from its current owner, you can re-take control of its ownership if you lost it.

The important thing is don’t let this happen to you. You never know when you will need that URL once again. So register your URL and keep it forever.


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