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Music Marketing Manifesto 2.0 – Advertising and Promotion

Music Marketing Manifesto – John Oszajca

Starting a band is difficult.  Yet, promoting yourself, getting your music out there, and making a living at it can be even more difficult.  If you find that you are having some problems accomplishing this, John Oszajca believes he has what it takes to make your job simpler and infinitely more successful.  His marketing program, Music Marketing Manifesto 2.0, claims to have trade secrets and hard found wisdom to help you become a successful artist.

Initially, after reviewing the product, I like what I see.  John really is trying to be as diverse as possible with his product and cover all areas of internet marketing, while getting his information across through several different mediums.  His marketing package includes ebooks, videos, website templates, and audio interviews.  Also, he covers basic website design strategies, the best way to use Facebook, and using other mediums like articles and Twitter feeds.

However, the information appears to still be mainly geared towards novices.  Therefore, if you are already up to-date on a lot of the new technology that’s available out there, you read music blogs, and you are familiar with concepts like squeeze pages and email marketing then there might not be a whole lot of new stuff you’ll get from it.  For instance, in regards to Facebook, he discusses some of the advantages of paid advertising, and, really, the ultimate use of Facebook for an artist: the ability to create a personal connection with the fans. Also, he explains that it is this relationship that then pushes up sales; that it’s not just about accumulating ‘likes’.

So, overall, this may not be the right tool for everyone.The other main sticking point for me was the price.  The price tag of the whole Music Marketing Manifesto 2.0 package is $77.00.  While the website says the package includes 9 modules, 23 videos, 2 PDF Manuals, 3 website templates, audio Interviews, email swipe files, an interactive members area, and a music marketing toolbox, remember it is $77.00; which in my mind is a fair amount of money.  For that reason, if you are relatively new to the idea of internet marketing, you can give the product a shot because it does have some solid information in there.  However, if you are not new, I would hold off.

Nevertheless, check out the website, to get more of an idea of what the product has to offer.


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Stephen McSweeney is a High School English/Drama teacher.  Besides writing for theCeltic MP3s Music Magazine, he enjoys acting, writing and playing Celtic music.  He can be seen as one of the members of the band Terrible Musicians, where he plays percussion and mandolin.

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