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Tom Jackson Backstage Pass Review: Annoyed By Music Promotion Greed

I just unsubscribed from Tom Jackson’s newsletter.  He was getting to greedy

I have a few good things to say about Tom Jackson Productions.  I believe in his “Create Moments” approach to live performances.  I bought four DVDs.  The lessons I learned, work.  That is the reason I first subscribed to his weekly newsletter.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the newsletter.  It’s packed too full of advertising for his products.  The zine only includes a short paragraph of each new article.  After that, you have to click over to the website to read it.  Half the time, the article is mediocre and filled with self-indulgent hype in any case.

About a month ago, Tom Jackson started a “Backstage Pass”.  Usually, I’m a fan of special sections set aside with more information for musicians.  However, I’ve read the newsletter.  Now, seeing a price of $18 per month, I just got annoyed.

As it is, Tom Jackson’s DVDs already cost $60+ for one.  His seminars are about $400 (respectable).  Private tutoring with Jackson starts is well over $3000 (as I recall, can’t find it on the website, but probably worth it).  He’s making a good product and a bunch of money, why does he have to charge for everything?

The answer, of course, is that people are probably willing to pay for it.  Personally, my suggestion is to buy the Singer’s Package.  If you have the money and will spend the time, then get all the DVDs.  Maybe even attend one of his workshops.  But after that, stop.  Don’t waste your money on the Backstage Pass.



As upset as I am with Tom Jackson’s newsletter, I decided that it’s not fair for me to totally blast his Backstage Pass without trying it out.  So I signed up to try out the Backstage Pass.  I’ll be back with a proper review soon.

Read the full review here: Tom Jackson’s Backstage Pass, Part 2


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