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Top 10 Free Music Promotion Newsletters of 2003

The Bards Crier's pick of the Top 10 Best Music Marketing and Promotion Ezines

Over a year ago, I first published an article listing my pick of the best free email newsletters available. Well I decided to update that list and go into a wee bit more depth as to why I love these ezines.

I rate the newsletters by how often and how quickly I read them. The higher the ranking, the more often I read the ezine beginning to end.

  1. Jeffrey P. Fisher's Moneymaking Music Tip of the Week
    This ezine has climbed to the top of my list. It's still as short, sweet, and to the point as ever. Quick inspirational tips on how to make it in the music business. Fantastic guide to making, keeping, protecting, and growing your music success fortune. Lots of good musician financial information.

  2. Bob Baker's The Buzz Factor
    Still one of my favorites, Bob Bake has kept going when I just got too tired to. It's not always my first read, but I read every issue because Bob Baker continues to lead the pack with great music marketing and promotion tips.

  3. Music Biz Academy
    If your looking for great Indie music business news, then the Music Biz Academy is the place to look. David Nevue scours the net for the most relevant indie news of interest, including articles and tips on the best new online music services.

  4. Harmony Central's Music Business Tips
    Harmony Central publishes a variety of music biz ezines. My two favorite Music Business Tips. It's another quick-read ezine that you can glance at to learn something new and then get started promoting your business. It's designed for you who do not have a lot of time, and since I don't have much, I love it!

  5. MusicDish e-Journal
    MusicDish publishes a weekly newsletter packed with music commentaries and information. There's a lot of stuff I don't give a second glace, but I usually skim to see what the latest commentaries are and read those most-interesting to me. And trust me, there's always at least two articles with informative career tips by the top music biz professionals.

  6. MusicBiz Daily
    I'm not sure who runs the MusicBiz website, but I love the ezine. It has a very simple design that captures the latest music business news in a very concise format, and then offers links to the homepage where you can find out more. Sometimes it's best not to clutter your readers with lots of links. And MusicBiz does just that. Their motto should be, "Just music news!"

  7. Kathode Ray Music Promotion Help
    I'm pleased with the direction of David Hooper's latest Kathode Ray ezine. It used to feel more like a music sales newsletter, but David has finally found a great new market. Now, David provides audio tips on how to promote your band that includes live interviews revolving around the Nashville New Music Conference that he helps to organize. You will need to make sure your browser is up-to-date, but live teleconference interviews are well-worth it!

  8. Indie-Music.com
    Indie-Music.com has long been known as THE place to find everything music biz related. If I need something, this is the first place I look because Suzanne Glass knows the business and her newsletter shows it. The ezine is packed with articles, information, and links for promoting your indie music business. If there's any downside, it's that there is just too much info to easily go read, but it is an essential ezine to subscribe to.

  9. Indie Contact Bible
    Big Meteor publishing sends out a monthly newsletter that features the latest additions to the book. This goes out every month to everyone who's ordered a copy. It is a necessary ezine for those interested in staying abreast to the latest music reviewers, radio programs, and online music services out there, because every music biz person knows that if you want to be get your name out, start with the Indie Contact Bible!

  10. Inspiration for Songwriters
    Once a daily inspiration, Inspiration for Songwriters goes out about three times a week filled with everything from songwriting tips to promotion and advice on building a career as a songwriter. It's published by Ande Rasmussen, president of the Austin Songwriter's Group and an award winning songwriter who's always looking for co-writers.


Honorable Mention

  • The Galaris Independent Musicians Newsletter
    Well, I decided to include one more bonus ezine to my top ten list. You will note that none of my top 10 ezines are HTML-based ezines. I find text ezines to be much quicker, better-organized reads, but I would like to commend Galaris for a decent ezine... despite the fact that it's HTML based. The newsletter reuses a lot of other music promotion articles published online, but the friendly design makes it an easy read once I view it through my browser.


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