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Free Music Marketing Articles

Dozens of free music marketing and music promotion articles with free reprint rights. I don't like to spend a lot of money if I don't have to so all articles are written from the guerrilla marketer's standpoint.

Social Networking for Musicians

Musician Social Networking for the Family Man

How Unsigned Bands Can Develop The King Midas Touch

Why You Want to Surprise the Hell Out of Your Fans

How to Surprise the Hell Out of Your Fans

The Biggest Reward Your Fans Hope to Receive

I'd Be Happy to Scratch Your Back

The Notoriety You Deserve

Your New Best Friend: Your Mailing List

Building A Fan Base. As Easy As 1-2-3

One Fan To Fire Up The Furnace

It's Not Who You Know, It's Who You Meet


Email Music Marketing

Music Marketing With Email Automation

How NOT To Use A Mailing List

How to Double Your Fan Mailing List

Don't Lose Web Traffic Through Your Email

Make A Name for Yourself - Genre Newsletters

Building a Band Newsletter


Live Music Marketing

An Exciting New Look at Gigging

Music Marketing With Reciprocity

Are You Wasting Your Fans’ Time?

It Can Happen to You! – Internet Wedding Fraud

Your Speaking Skills Can Make You a Better Music Performer

Easy Gigs Around the Globe at No Cost to You

Who Buys CDs?

The Price Is Right: Making Money With the Real Deals

Presidential Campaigning Offers Emotional Insight to Growing Your Fanbase

Lessons in Italy: Venice

14 Ways Musicians Can Increase their Tips

Non-Traditional Music Venues You Might Have Missed

Let Them See It, Touch It, Hear It, Taste It, Smell It

Building a Successful Freelance Band

Selling More CDs at Gigs. A Case Study: The Rogues

Confessions of a Master CD Sales Woman, Part 1

Confessions of a Master CD Sales Woman, Part 2


Selling Music Online

CD Baby Now Sells CDs on Amazon

Diehard Fans for Life

How to Write Testimonials that Sell Like Magic

Your CD Cover to Advertise Your Music, Another Opinion

Don't Neglect Your 'Free Prize Inside'

How Do You Sweeten the Deal?

Promoting Your Music Through Amazon.com

Living the Dream: One CD at at Time

Selling CDs Online: A Three-Pronged Approach

How to Effectively Sell Your CDs Online

The New Music Marketing Model for 2001

Good Lesson Learned from an April Fool's Gag Gone Bad...Okay, So I'm Late!


Internet Music Marketing

The Secret of Minimal Effort Music Marketing

Why Giving Away Free Music Downloads Is a Great Music Marketing Technique

How to Endorsing Your Favorite Band Will Earn You Fans

3 Quick Podcast Promotion Tips For Bands

How to Earn Good Will in the Music Business

Don’t Lose Your Domain Name!

What Every Musician Should Know About Podcasting

Passive Income for Musicians - My Top Music Affiliate Programs

How to Sell CDs from your Website and Still Keep Your Fans Happy

Two Easy Steps to Describing Your Band for Greater Web Traffic and More Fans, Part 1

Two Easy Steps to Describing Your Band for Greater Web Traffic and More Fans, Part 2

Who Needs Flyers? How to Generate a Flood of Local Web Site Traffic for your Unsigned Band

(Don't) Play By The Rules

How to Break a #1 Hit on MP3.com

Play It Forward - Viral Band Promotion

The Unsigned Bands's Music Promotion NyQuil How to Get Your Music Heard by Millions

The Unsigned Bands's Sniffling, Sneezing, Coughing, Aching, Stuffy Head, Fever So You Can Rest Medicine

How to Get People to Listen to your MP3s

The Cycle of Music Life: Stop Trying to Sound Like Everyone Else

Riding the Waves of Another's Success

Send Them Away and Reap the Rewards


Music Publicity

The New Rules of Writing Press Releases for Musicians

Cats Know Good Music Promotion When They Hear It

5 Unique Ways To Get FREE Advertising for Your Band

In the Music Business, Sensationalism Sells

Band Websites with Flash Hinder Journalist Productivity

More Press Releases = More Press

Google Hijacks Press Clipping Services

Making Money with "Free Stickers Inside"

Effective Post Card Mailings - Direct Mail

Proper Care and Feeding of a Music Editor by Carla Hall


Success Stories

Setting Your Bands Promotion Goals

Music Promotion Success Story


Reviews of Music Marketing Services

Review: How Can ArtistData Suck Less for Indie Musicians

Review: Music Marketing Manifesto

Review: Tom Jackson Backstage Pass, Part 2

Review: Tom Jackson Backstage Pass, Part 1

Top 10 Free Music Promotion Newsletters of 2003


Lack of Education Will Cost Your Band Dearly

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